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Murkani Mother's Day Series (3/4): Jacqueline Sansom

Murkani Mother's Day Series (3/4): Jacqueline Sansom

Meet Jacqueline

Mother's Day Primary School Teacher

What is your current role?

Primary School Teacher. Currently teaching grade 1/2, I'm also a specialist literacy coach and I private tutor, oh and I'm a single parent.

How has this been affected by Covid 19?

The learning curve of being able to provide effective remote teaching has been huge. I am now teaching on line and making videos of myself teaching, which is really unnatural; as a teacher your are always looking out for immediate cues of students' understandings or misunderstandings, always looking for teachablle moments - which doesn't occur in this artificial setting. Teaching my own children has had to take quite a back seat, I am lucky that they are engaged and independant — except, it seems, when I am having a video conference with parents and when I am trying to film myself; then they seem particularly needy and loud!!!

How many kids do you have?

I have two wild and gorgeous boys, 10 and 13.

How has Covid 19 impacted your work and home life right now?

At school you are constantly on the move, my daily step count has reduced dramatically at this time, so I'm trying to get out everyday to walk the dog and up the distances I run. I'm sure like everyone, I'm missing my friends and being social — I have a weekly Zoom Wine set up with my coffee group girlfriends, these are fun but by the time 7.30 rolls around I think everyone is getting a little Zoom fatigued. My children are not as tired at night, they are bouncing around way too much at bedtimes — I'm trying to encourage the boys to spend more time exercising, taking advantage of our wonderful autumnal weather. My house seems to be in a constant mess!!

How has Covid 19 influenced how you feel about motherhood?

I am truly appreciating the slower pace of life. The current situation has highlighted for me how life has become so busy and crazy; we were perhaps loosing sight of important connections. As much as there are moments when I feel overwhelmed by the intensity and closeness of our living, I have actually really treasured some more family moments of movie watching, game playing and bike riding; which were becoming less frequent, particularly as my 13 year old forges his own way in the social world.

How will you Celebrate Mother's Day this year?

I am looking forward to a delicious breakfast — hopefully made by my boys — but stay tuned to hear the real story!!! (it may be me...) I would treasure some board game time with my boys and some quiet sewing time on my own!!! I will give myself a bunch of flowers too and look forward to my boyfriend coming over. Jacqueline Sansom School teacher

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