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Murkani Mother's Day Series (4/4): Kate Credlin

Murkani Mother's Day Series (4/4): Kate Credlin

Meet Kate

Kate Credlin Mother's Day series Q&A

What is your current role?

I’m a Senior Speech Pathologist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. I work mainly in the Palliative Care Unit and the Head & Neck Cancer Service. I also coordinate the hospital wide tracheostomy service.

How has this been affected by Covid 19?

We have gone into planning overdrive! Working through all the conceivable clinical possibilities that COVID may involve. I’m spending a lot more time in a mask and plastic gown than I thought possible... forgetting the lipstick, but upping my eye-makeup game! I’m so proud of our team who have bonded together like glue to show unrelenting support and empathy for all the craziness going on in our personal lives too.

How many kids do you have and how old are they?

I have three kids. Tom (10 yrs – Grade 5), Lulu (8 yrs – Grade 3) and our fire cracker third child Harriet (5 yrs – Prep)... I should also mention my favourite child Polly... our 18 year old miniature pony who NEVER complains about her meals and nuzzles me without asking for anything!

How has Covid 19 impacted your work and home life right now?

COVID has turned our family life on its head. When school closed in late March, we made the tough decision for my husband and kids to move to our farm in the Central Highlands of Victoria while I stay in Melbourne to work at the hospital. He is working full time as the head of investments for an accounting firm, while trying to home-school all three kids. He’s commented, more than once, that working in the volatile stock market is much easier than trying to wrangle three children to get their school work done! We FaceTime every night I’m in Melbourne, but it’s not the same.

How has Covid 19 influenced how you feel about motherhood?

Being separated from the kids during the week has been really hard. I sorely miss that time after their bath when we cuddle on the couch quietly. I also miss sneaking into their rooms when they are asleep to squeeze their soft little cheeks. I know this will all pass in the upcoming months when life returns to normal; I will be back to craving time alone. But while we are separated during the week, I appreciate every minute together.

How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year?

I’ll really miss seeing my mum this year, but we will definitely drive through my parents’ drive with some homemade signs to wish mum a happy Mother’s Day. I look forward to a very quiet lunch with Nige and the kids by the fire pit looking out over the horse paddocks. Mother's Day series Q&A with Kate Credlin

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