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Our Top 5 European Beach Destinations

Our Top 5 European Beach Destinations

With Nothern Summer still upon us and our Instagram awash with gorgeous images from around the globe, we feel more inspired than ever to plan a European Holiday, and we thought we’d share our favorite spots.

navagia This little cove is found on the west coast of the Greek Island Zakynthos, and is also known as The Ship Wreck Cove. Although it is one of the most famous beaches in Greece, it can only be accessed by boat, making it feel more exclusive and adding an element of adventure to the day. The cove also offers activities such as scuba diving, hiking and more. We advise visiting this incredible place in the early morning to avoid the afternoon heat and crowds, and don’t forget your umbrella! monterosso Found in Northern Italy and known as the most picturesque town in the country, and rightly so! Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or glass of Italian wine overlooking the colourful buildings that hang over the turquoise seas. We highly recommend the Angue Hiking trail or a trip to the seaside Castle, lunch and shopping in the Old Town followed by a sunset trip on a yacht. Praia Dona Ana, where crystal clear calm waters meet golden sand and colourful cliffs. This gorgeous small beach is perfect for families who love to spend lengthy days in the sand followed by a lazy afternoon lunch at the café that is situated at the top of the cliff. Our designer Kiralee McNamara visited here in July and loved it so much it has inspired our next blog topic- ‘Portugal’ which will be out next month. Named the top beach in Europe in 2016, and we can see why! It requires a two-hour ferry to get to this beauty, as well as a steep hike down a narrow path, but its inaccessibility is part of its charm. Due to the long journey it is definitely best suited for those happy to spend the day on the beach and make sure you are well equipped with sun protection and snacks. For those up for the expedition, this beach is not to be missed, with its perfectly formed white pebbles and towering cliffs. tassos island This gorgeous island is full of many exquisite beaches. There is something for everyone, from sandy to rocky, quiet to popular, and no shade to shady. We recommend this island if you find it hard to all agree on one destination, as you’re sure to find the perfect spot. Although we would love to spend a day on every beach, on the top of our list is Paradise Beach for families with children, Marble Beach for those on in search to find the most Instagram worthy beach in the world, and Alyki Beach for those who enjoy a beach filled with energy and things to do. If you need more travel inspo, checkout Kiralee’s travel blog on Morocco earlier this year at
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