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Turkey Travel Blog

Turkey Travel Blog
Over the northern Summer, we took a family trip to Turkey… it was stunning and I think I am ruined for life… the sparkling turquoise waters of the Mediterranean have won my heart forever… Part of my reason for going was to find inspiration for new jewellery designs. One of my latest collections, the Ottoman Collection is designed around tiles from the Ottoman palaces of Istanbul. Our first stop was Istanbul... a city where old meets new… and the traditional mosques have stood the test of time and welcome people to explore them. The Blue Mosque is one of the most stunning buildings I have ever seen... covered with blue and white Iznik tiles. DSC_2385 The Haghia Sophia, traditionally a Christian church and then converted to a Mosque at a later date is one of the world’s greatest architectural feats and more than 1,400 years old. The ceiling decoation alone is worth visiting for. DSC_2437 After my family told me enough of the mosques and architecture... we spent a day exploring the little lanes of the Grand Bazaar. The building is gorgeous with its labyrinth of streets covered with painted vaulted ceilings... but the goods on offer were just amazing... from brass pendant lights, to ceramics, fabrics and food. Don’t expect to leave Turkey without tasting everything in sight. It’s truly a culinary delight. Below are the pistachio baklava type desserts that were everywhere. DSC_2551 After our trip to the Grand Bazaar, everyone was exhausted so we stopped for lunch and some Turkish coffee… I must say while I love coffee, I found the Turkish coffee way too strong and earthy for me but my husband loved it. I loved how it was presented though… it’s all in the design you know! DSC_2334 A trip on the Bosphorus River, the river that runs through Istanbul was a welcome relief from the bustling city one afternoon. You cruise past the opulent 19th century Dolmabahce Palace as well as hundreds of smaller but no less interesting Yalis or traditional wooden villas that line the river. They are decorative and simply gorgeous. DSC_2518 Walking the back streets of Istanbul behind the imposing mosques and minarets, you will come across many wooden houses like the one below… all still traditionally painted in colourful hues. DSC_2559 I fell in love with the Topkapi Palace where the Ottoman Sultan lived with his many wives and concubines … with all the women housed in the Harem decorated in intricate tiles... I couldn’t stop taking photos and my kids were helping me find jewellery designs every step we took. It wasn’t hard to feel inspired by these amazing buildings that were works of art more than dwellings for the royal families. DSC_2568 Roof of part of the Topkapi Palace. Iphone Photos July.August 15 113 Of course our trip was not all historic sites and architectural feats…. We managed to slip in many fabulous restaurants too. Below is us out for dinner at one of our favourite rooftop restaurants called Mama Shelter (designed by Phillip Stark) in the very cool Beyoglu district. While the view over the city of Istanbul is gorgeous, the food is not bad either (kids were writing their travel diaries while mum and dad had a wine… everyone was happy!). Iphone Photos July.August 15 079 We then headed from Istanbul across to Cappadocia … the land of strange and unusual rock formations. We stayed in a cave like hotel and explored underground cities and caves made into churches … I could spend ages talking about how amazing this was but won’t as I don’t want this blog to be that long. However I did want to share this fabulous photo by my friend Suzanna took (we travelled part of the way with Suz and her family) when she went hot air ballooning over the country side around Cappadocia. Simply stunning. Iphone Photos July.August 15 229 And then we headed on to the Mediterranean… I have to say… I didn’t think I would ever come back home. This is off the coast of Kalkan and it’s divine... known as the Turquiose coast for its clear turquoise waters… filled with fish and sea turtles. Iphone Photos July.August 15 252 And lastly … how can I not mention the shopping… amazing fabrics, jewellery and ceramics everywhere… sadly I didn’t manage to bring that much home with me apart from some amazing design books and a few items like one of these hand carved tin trays below… but that’s what travelling with 3 small kids does for you… it’s all about the memories and the experience. We loved Turkey for a family holiday and I loved it in terms of the design side of it… so inspiring. The Ottoman Collection’s key design motif is directly influenced by Iznik tiles from the Ottoman period… and I love this. Kx Iphone Photos July.August 15 501 If you liked our blog, we'd love you to join us on our journey here You'll be the first to receive news about new product launches and events, see behind the scenes and receive 15% off on your first order! Kx

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