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Celebrating Mother's Day

Celebrating Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is an important one. MURKANI is run and supported by loads of fabulous Mums and today we wanted to celebrate some of our favourites...

Jackie Jennings, Owner & Designer, OVAE

What is the best thing about motherhood?

There are so many incredible things that motherhood brings with it, but a standout for me is that feeling of a bountiful love that flows through me when I see their little faces. That overwhelming kind of love, that fierce protecting love - I've never experienced that kind of love before being a mother. Of course, I love my husband, however it's a different driving love you have with your children. One that inspires me to be better. The best parts of the day are laughing with my children and watching them conquer something, that's sure to bring on those overwhelming feelings of love.

Georgie Stocker, Directo, Veritas Recruitment

What have you learnt the most through being a mother?

Patience! You need endless patience! It's also made me a more empathetic boss. I think about how I would like my son treated by the world and try to emulate that with my actions.

Jo Pride, CEO, Hagar Australia

What is the best thing about motherhood?

The stylish gifts from the Mothers’ Day stall at school…. just joking (obviously). For me, it’s the joy of seeing the world through my children’s eyes. I love the value they put on quality time, their curiosity about the world, the hope that is undampened by disappointments, the magic of Christmas morning and Easter egg hunts and the simple pleasures of mucking around in a playground, kicking the footy or jumping waves.

Kiralee McNamara, Owner & Designer, MURKANI

What have you learnt the most through being a mother?

Having children makes you stop and appreciate the world more as you have the opportunity to see things through the lens of a child. I find I approach things more mindfully as I am drawn to the smaller moments in life happening around me every day. It makes me a better person as I know my every day actions are being absorbed and copied by these little people who surround me.. to be the best version of myself for them.

So from us to you at Mother’s Day...

Happy Mother's Day


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