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MURKANI x HAGAR: A Journey of empowerment and purpose

Murkani x HAGRA
MURKANI Jewellery has been more than just a business to founder and designer Kiralee McNamara—it's been a dream of creating a life filled with passion and purpose. 
“I started my business in 2013 with a dream to create a business and life that I loved. I also had another dream which I am very proud to finally announce is now coming to fruition. I wanted to support women who are in less fortunate situations than myself and give them the opportunity to live a life of freedom with control over their own destinies” - Kiralee McNamara  
On March 8th, 2019, International Women’s Day, that dream came to life and MURKANI launched its first collection in support of HAGAR Australia called the FREEDOM Collection. This collection donates directly to the Economic Empowerment Program for Cambodian women who were victims of trafficking, abuse, or modern slavery to live free and more rewarding lives. 
In 2022 MURKANI extended its support once again by launching the LOST AND FOUND collection in partnership with HAGAR to raise funds to support the Afghanistan Livelihoods project. MURKANI has now donated over $55,000 to HAGAR.
Thanks to HAGAR, these initiatives provide opportunities for women who have survived trafficking, abuse, or modern slavery to rebuild their lives with dignity and independence. The positive impact of HAGAR reaches women like Lailima, whose story epitomises resilience and transformation. 
Lailima's life before Hagar was filled with adversity. The Taliban's regime change in 2021 shattered her dreams of education and imposed restrictions on women's rights. Economic decline led to financial ruin, forcing her into an abusive marriage for relief. She experienced gender-based violence and a sense of despair while trying to support her family and protect her siblings. 
Hagar's intervention was a turning point for Lailima. Through Hagar's Emergency Response and Recovery (ERP) and Restoring Lives through Livelihood (RLL) projects, she received counselling and psychological support to overcome her trauma. Hagar also provided vocational training in tailoring and business development, empowering Lailima to pursue a career in business and transform her life. 
Now, Lailima is a beacon of hope, leading the successful Dashte Barchi tailoring cooperative providing employment and economic opportunities for women. Lailima has been expanding the cooperative's impact by exploring new markets and product lines. Supported by Hagar, she overcame adversity and now inspires other women to pursue their dreams. 
So, what can you do this this International Women's Day, and how can you drive positive change for women like Lailima?
  • Educate Yourself: Take the time to learn about the challenges women face globally and locally. Share this knowledge to raise awareness and take part in meaningful conversations. 
  • Support Women-Owned Businesses: When possible, choose to support businesses run by women.  
  • Donate to HAGAR: Consider making a monthly commitment to support HAGAR's vital work in empowering survivors of modern slavery. 
  • Amplify Women’s Voices: Celebrate women's achievements and share their stories 
  • Mentor and Support Women and Girls: Offer guidance and encouragement to help women and girls overcome barriers and reach their full potential. 
  • Buy from the FREEDOM or LOST AND FOUND collection where a portion of the proceeds from every piece sold is donated to HAGAR Australia.  


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